2015: Compa

Compa has been cutting plates with Dub Studio for the last five years. As a latecomer to the scene he rose to prominence in 2011/2012 with a bold remix of the classic DMZ cut Antiwar Dub and a reworking of Mavado's Dem a Talk. Where many other producers were leaving the roots of the genre behind and chasing new horizons, Compa stuck to a more purist dubstep sound and it still seems to be paying off. 2013 saw a Deep Medi release, followed by releases on Tuba and Boka Records, and in the wake of his latest self-released vinyl, we saw Compa passing through Bristol for a Teachings in Dub / Deep Medi showcase, and we thought what better time for an interview?

It was great to see you here at Teachings. How does it feel to be playing alongside such heavyweights?

Amazing, as always! It's an honour to be asked to share my music with so many receptive, appreciative people. It was such an incredible show. I'll never forget it.

You have made quite a name for yourself in the US recently. What’s it like playing there? What are the crowds like compared to here? Do you adapt your set for the US crowd?

America is an incredible place to play. They don't get the same line ups as here in England and in Europe where we have five, six, seven headliners at one show. So when one UK artist tours over there they're very grateful to have us, to share our music at their clubs and on their sound systems. The love for the music over there is obvious as the energy at the shows is incredible. I love America and can't wait to return.

2015: Kahn

Kahn has been a loyal customer of Dubstudio since first cutting with us a few years ago. Over that time we have seen him rise from humble beginnings in the Bristol scene to one of the most in-demand DJ/producer/remixers on a worldwide circuit. His releases sell out within a matter of hours, whether they be on his own Bandulu imprint or the scene's hottest labels like Hotline and Deep Medi. It has been great watching his career go from strength to strength and seeing how vinyl and dubplates have played an integral role in that process. We spoke to him about why he still loves cutting dubs, and to pick his brains about the state of the scene and his future within it! - Interview by Lurka

Photo: Chris Colouryum

What initially drew you to dubstudio/dubplates? How did you find the studio?

Neek first introduced me to Dubstudio when he got some of the Sureskank Convention crew's early tunes cut to dubplate which must have been at least 5 or 6 years ago. It was something I knew I wanted to invest in once the time was right. I remember my first batch of dubs I got made after my first single on Punch Drunk came out and I started getting more gigs, I got 30 of my tunes cut in one go and never looked back...