12 inch vinyl dub while you wait


Sales price: £34.00
Size Format Layout Speed Max. time Diameter Weight (gross) Center Hole Label Diameter
12" vinyl single 45rpm 10 mins (per side) 300mm 220g small 95mm

12 inch vinyl dub cut while you wait! Just place an order and get in touch to arrange a date and time.

The next generation in dubplate technology, the 12-inch vinyl dubplate offers unrivalled dynamic range and loudness and is ideal for maximum impact on the dancefloor. At 2mm thick and weighing only 180 grams (net) its both lightweight, and sturdy, and because its made of a durable plastic compound, it will last and last.

A 12 inch vinyl dub single usually contains 1 track per side (2 in total). It can hold up to about 10 minutes per side, and runs at 45rpm.

  • full mastering included
  • comes in stiff card sleeve with polylined paper inner sleeve
  • includes blank white labels (peel and stick)
  • packaged in stiff card mailer

Order 2 or more, and the price is just £36 per dub!

We also offer a no-quibble guarantee on all dubplates - we prefer to do a recut than lose a customer - so please let us know any feedback you have on the final product.

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While You Wait

If you fancy attending a cut, or you just want to pop in to collect. Please order here.