£5 Dub Studio Gift Voucher

Not sure what tracks to get someone? Why not get them a voucher and let them decide?

Sales price: £5.00
Multiples of £5


With this voucher you can gift multipes of £5 up to a maximum of £100. The voucher will come with a coupon code that can be entered into the cart when the recipient places an order.

NB: You can either order the voucher amount together or separately. For example if you wanted 1 x £40 voucher, just select "8" multiples of £5 then Add to Cart. If you wanted 8 x £5 vouchers (totalling £40) just hit the plus button til the quantity reaches "8" then Add to Cart.

Dub Plates

The gift of Vinyl

The perfect gift for vinyl enthusiasts who prefer to choose their own music.