7" vinyl single - 2mm, black (small hole)

1-2 tracks (4 minutes per side)
Track(s) - side a:
Track(s) - side b:

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Much like the large-hole 7-inch dubs, but designed to fit straight onto the spindle. With these durable, small-hole 7 inches, you can have any tune you like, right at your finger tips.

A 7 inch vinyl dub contains 1 track per side (2 in total). It can hold up to about 4 minutes per side, and runs at 45rpm.


A Cut Above
Not all dub plates are born equal, and it takes a great deal of skill to get a good sound on vinyl. Dub Studio was one of the first places in the UK to operate a lathe-cut vinyl service, and mastering engineer Henry Bainbridge has more experience cutting these 7 inches than anyone else. He learnt the hard way, working for some of the biggest names in the Bristol music scene from the word go, which is why he never lets a dub leave the studio unless it sounds its best.

Analog Reinvented
The latest development in analog recording technology, vinyl dub plates offer all of the benefits of analog audio, but with none of the set up cost of pressed vinyl. Sometimes called lathe-cut records, vinyl dub plates don’t need to go through the lengthy process of lacquer cutting and plating. Instead, they are cut to order as one-offs, or in limited quantities known as short runs.


Use the dropdown menus above to select the number of tracks per side and the type of label you want.

  • Track count: how many tracks do you want per side? Choose any combination you want from the dropdown lists for side a and side b.
  • Labels: our lovely branded labels are free, but if you prefer blank or printed labels we can supply them too (£1 or £5 extra respectively).


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